Prescribing Safely Scenarios

Self-Study Online

Self-study learning created for Canadian physicians in multiple specialties addressing current topics; frail patients, opioid prescribing and antibiotic stewardship. The learning activity consists of three short, interactive scenarios to help you assess your skills at prescribing safely.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the learning modules, participants will have demonstrated how to:

  • Prescribe effectively and safely during commonly encountered conditions.
  • Review and appropriately reconcile lists of currently prescribed medicines based on evolving clinical context.
  • Plan for pharmacologic management of commonly encountered conditions.
  • Identify important prescribing information that should be communicated across the patient care trajectory.
  • Accurately calculate and adjust medication doses.
  • Identify and manage adverse drug reactions and/or side effects.
  • Identify appropriate tools and methods of monitoring commonly prescribed medicines.

Intended Audience

These prescribing assessments are applicable across a wide range of specialties responsible for prescribing in an adult care context.

Authors and Disclosures

Scenario 1: Fragile... Handle with Care

Ariel Hendon MD Nothing to disclose.
Barbara Power MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.
Michelle Gibson MD, MEd, CCFP(COE) Nothing to disclose.
Barbara Farrell B.Sc.Phm., Pharm.D., FCSHP College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists, Honorarium for speaking engagement Funded grants or clinical trials:
  1. Government of Ontario: HSRF research grant
  2. Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation: Knowledge Mobilization Partnership Program grant
  3. Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy: Innovation Fund grant
Allan Grill MD, CCFP(COE), MPH, FCFP, CCPE College of Family Physicians of Canada - Physician Advisor.
Rakesh Patel MD, Pharm.D, M.Sc. [Epid] Nothing to disclose.
Richard Hall MD, FRCPC, FCCP BALANCE RCT - Member Steering Committee
REVISER CT - Member Steering Committee
Canadian Frailty Network - Chair Scientific Review, Committee Member Research, Management Committee
Jennifer Oates MD, MSc, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.
Waill Khalil MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.

Scenario 2: Opioid Prescribing - A Patient's Journey

Susan Brien MEd CSPQ, FRCSC, CPE Nothing to disclose.
Glenn Barton RN, MSN(Ed) Nothing to disclose.
Abhimanyu Sud MD, CCFP Nothing to disclose.
Craig Campbell MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.
Michael Butterfield MD, MEd, CCFP(COE) Nothing to disclose.
Abdulghade Al Fasi MD, FRCSC Nothing to disclose.
Peter MacDougall MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.

Scenario 3: Using Antibiotics Wisely

Peter Kuling MD, CCFP, FCFP, CCPE CMA-Joule Physician leadership course facilitation.
OCFP-Chair practicing wisely scientific committee
Anne Matlow MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.
Kathryn Suh MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.
Paul E. Bonnar MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.
Alicia Sarabia MD, FRCPC Nothing to disclose.

CME Accreditation

This activity is an Accredited Self-Assessment Program (Section 3) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by Royal College Continuing Professional Development Unit. You may claim a maximum of 30 minutes per scenario (credits are automatically calculated).

Time Commitment

3 scenarios, 30 minutes per scenario. You must complete a scenario in one session as progress will not be saved.

System Requirements

We have tested the learning environment and cases to function properly on the most up to date version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on desktop and tablet devices. Tablet devices should have a minimum resolution of 2048 x 1536. While the activity may work properly on other systems not described above we cannot guarantee full functionality.

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